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A man taking a selfie, with the quote, "People don't care about your business. To make them care, make it about them."

Nobody Cares: the fundamental understanding of great marketing

This may sound harsh (and a little ironic, since I’m writing something for people to read right now), but People. Don’t. Read. They really don’t. They scan, they flip by, they click close.  And they really don’t care about you.  Before you give up in despair, let me tell you how you can use this to your benefit and why this is a good thing. Really! First, what do you do about it? Keep it short. Make it interesting  Seriously,...
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A redheaded young woman, with the quote, "Put a (real) face to your customers, and write your offers to them. It helps make your copy relevant."

Do you know what your customer looks like? (How to build a great customer profile)

I’m just going to leave this here: a really strong customer profile (or two) is even more important for a small business marketing program than it is for a bigger business. Why? Because larger programs have more money to spread around and therefore less need to be super targeted. (I’d argue that is lazy marketing, but there’s no need to go there.)  But you, as a small business owner, need every last marketing dollar to strike straight to the heart...
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An audience under a quote that says, "If you don't know who your customers is, YOU CAN'T MARKET TO THEM."

Want small business marketing that works? Get to know your customer.

First, the bad news: the statistics on new business failure are pretty grim. About half by year five. Yikes. Think about that for a moment, but don’t panic. Because there is good news. The good news is that many experts (Forbes and Business Insider among them) cite a failure to understand and connect with customers as a top reason for a lack of success. And, while you can’t control macro shifts in the economy or really even market demand, you...
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The Urban Sherpa Marketing Co. logo

Hello world. We’re Urban Sherpa Marketing Co.

I first truly understood the value of small business to the community when I was running the marketing department at a community bank. We had a lot of smaller privately-owned companies among our customers, and I spent a lot of time with them.  I learned that small businesses hire locally. They take care of their people. They know their customers. They know they have a role to play, and they take that role seriously. They give back. They are the...
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