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A robot hand points to the text, "Google's Adwords AI might seem like the answer to a search marketer's dream... but is it really a nightmare?" against a techno background

Can You Trust Google’s AI to Optimize Your Search Ads?

Google has rolled out new AI-powered suggestions to help advertisers optimize their Google Ads search campaigns. Using machine learning, Google now analyzes your account data and makes recommendations on things like new keyword ideas, bid strategies, ad creative, and more.  The promise is enticing: let Google’s advanced AI do the heavy lifting of campaign optimizations so you can spend less time tinkering and testing. After all, Google has access to a wealth of data that the average advertiser couldn’t possibly...
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A catalog with a blond model and an ecommerce website are in the background, with the text, "It's not enough to get people to your ecommerce website. You're dead in the water unless that traffic converts into sales." over the topo

Tips for improving your e-commerce conversion rate

This is a marketing truth: you can have the best advertising in the world, driving all sorts of traffic to your website… but if your website doesn’t convert that traffic into sales, you’re wasting your money.  Obvious, right? It may be obvious, but I will say it again: it is absolutely imperative—especially if you’re an e-commerce company—that you focus on improving your website conversion rate. First, let’s set the target. As a baseline, your e-commerce website is doing really well...
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A business woman is writing on a glass through which you can see the rest of the team talking about marketing planning.

7 Marketing Steps to Grow Your Business in 2024

7 Marketing Steps to Grow Your Business in 2024 This is the time of year when many small business owners take a moment to pause, reflect, and think about what they need to do to grow their business in the coming year.  And since marketing should be a pretty significant part of that, we thought we’d share some of the most important steps you can take to kick your business into growth mode in 2024. First, and foremost, we’re strictly...
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A Christmas work party with food and happy people, and text over it that reads, "The holidays don't have to be just about stress, even if you own the company. Plan ahead, get work completed early, and take a moment for yourself."

Five Thoughts on Surviving the Holidays as an Entrepreneur (and a Marketer)

For some reason this year it struck me particularly strongly how different the holidays feel when you’re an entrepreneur than they do when you just work for someone else.  Back in those carefree days, the period leading up to Christmas was a gentle slide into, well, not much work getting done. People brought in treats, silly sweaters were worn, holiday parties were had, white elephant exchanges occurred, and it was generally pretty well expected that nothing important would happen until...
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A glass funnel in the top of a brown glass jar, with the caption, "Wouldn't it be nice if you could keep talking to the people who visit your website but just leave? Well... you can!"

How to build a website conversion funnel

A website conversion funnel is a way to capture the people who visit your website and convert them into paying customers—even if they didn’t become a customer the first time around— and it is arguably one of the most important pieces of your marketing strategy. The last thing you want to do is spend time and money driving people to your website and then just cross your fingers and hope that anyone who leaves without buying will remember you when...
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