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how we help

Urban Sherpa Marketing Co. was founded to provide high-quality “marketing department in a box” services for companies poised for growth. We personally know how hard it is to source an intelligent, experienced, and reasonably-priced marketing team when your business is moving quickly and you’re wearing all the hats. But you still need to attract customers.

That’s where we come in. We have years of experience effectively marketing small to medium businesses and startups, and we offer everything from simple marketing advisory and execution (including digital and email marketing) to fully outsourced marketing programs. We’re here so that you can grow your business without blowing the bank.

who we are

Urban Sherpa Marketing Company was founded by a couple of long-time marketers who love entrepreneurs (heck, they are entrepreneurs themselves) and believe in the importance of healthy, growing businesses to the community. From that love, an idea was born. We could help business owners grow their businesses, and serve the community in which we live. We think it’s a win-win.

ready to learn more?

Our initial consultations are always free.

e. hello@urbansherpa.marketing

p. 206.620.2515