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Hands holding a loaf of bread, with the caption, "Marketing is like making bread: all you need is patience, practice, and a good troubleshooting guide."

Six quick Marketing troubleshooting tips (or why marketing is like baking bread)

Marketing a small business is a bit like making bread. You add all the right ingredients, do the right steps, and if you know what you’re doing, you end up with great results. But go a little bit wrong along the process – knead it too much, let it rise too long, mess up the ingredients – and you’ll find yourself without much to sink your teeth into. Before you run off sobbing to your desk, let me give you...
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A person working on a computer, with the caption, "Knowing WHEN to launch a marketing campaign is as important as how to launch it."

Quiz: is your business ready for a marketing campaign?

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone is at the right place to get the most out of a marketing campaign. In our experience, most small businesses think that good marketing is essential to their business. But is it always? Gasp! We’re a marketing company, and we’re asking this? (You should know by now that we try to be a different type of marketing company, but enough about us). The reality is that not all businesses, especially very small or very...
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A writer, writing in a notebook, with the caption, "Most of us don't suffer from writer's block; we suffer from publication block."

Content marketing: when are you really ready to publish?

AKA: How to get past the doubts and get your content marketing program firing. It would be awesome if your computer had a little pop-up timer (like a Thanksgiving turkey) that popped up to let you know your latest blog or social media post was “ready”, wouldn’t it? Then you wouldn’t be constantly second-guessing what you’ve written, agonizing over every last comma and semicolon, wanting to make sure it’s absolutely PERFECT before publishing to the world wide web… But the...
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A to-do list with the caption, "A quick marketing check every week can prevent some major headaches." "

The “this is not really your job” weekly small business marketing checklist

Picture this: you’re busy, doing your job. Or, as the owner of a small business, let’s say, “jobs”. Between the juggling of customers, accounting, taxes, scheduling, stressing about the current economic/health situation, and managing your staff, suddenly someone brings it to your attention that your website is down. Bum, bum…. And, worse, you check on your web traffic on Google Analytics, and it shows that your site has been down for weeks. Your heart sinks. Imagine how many potential (and...
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A woman working on her laptop in bed, with the caption, "Working from home is the easy part. How do you react? What should you tell your customers? That's a bit harder. "

Marketing in the time of Covid-19: our small business thoughts

We didn’t want to write this guidepost. First, there’s the obvious reason: the fact that we even need to write it means that a lot of people are suffering, and worse. Our hearts are breaking. We also didn’t want to write it because of the sheer blizzard of communications from every last company that we ever gave our email to about how they are responding to the pandemic. One of our core tenets is that doing what everyone else is...
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