Do you know what your customer looks like? (How to build a great customer profile)

I’m just going to leave this here: a really strong customer profile (or two) is even more important for a small business marketing program than it is for a bigger business.

Why? Because larger programs have more money to spread around and therefore less need to be super targeted. (I’d argue that is lazy marketing, but there’s no need to go there.)

 But you, as a small business owner, need every last marketing dollar to strike straight to the heart of your perfect, sure-to-buy customer.

 Here are a few tips to start building that awesome customer profile:

  1. Think about the easiest sale you ever made. That person who called you up/walked in/emailed you and just plunked down money without any persuasion. If you’ve been in business awhile, you should be able to come up with quite a few of these people—​the more the better
  2. Ask yourself: what did all these people have in common?
  3. Write down those qualities. Include even little things that may not seem to matter (were they happy people? Did they like dogs a lot? Were they stressed? Were they male or female? What age? Did they have a lot of money or a little? Kids?)
  4. Now, make a composite person with those qualities. Put a face to them, and people them with all the things that your perfect customers have in common. You may even want to name them. For instance, “this is Jenny. She’s a mother of three with no time on her hands. She’s always in a hurry, and really likes things that are easy. She’ll pay more if she doesn’t have to spend a lot of time figuring things out”.
  5. Voila. You have a customer profile. If you have two very different groups of people that are great customers, make two.

 Now? When you’re putting together your messaging, writing ad copy, creating content, posting on social media, or creating an offer, pretend that you’re writing to Jenny. It will help you connect to what matters to those perfect, wonderful, god-bless-them customers.

Happy marketing!

Katie & Theron

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