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Google my Business tips

A man handing cash, with the caption, "You can't grow if you don't provide funding for marketing. Make it a priority."

How the heck do I afford marketing???

You’ve put your business plan together. You have sold a few widgets so you know people like and want your product. You have your supply chain figured out, and have ironed the kinks out of your service model. Things are going pretty smoothly.   But you need more customers.   So, you think to yourself, “I know, I need to get some marketing together”. And you call up a marketing company (like ourselves), or do some research on how to...
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Hands holding a loaf of bread, with the caption, "Marketing is like making bread: all you need is patience, practice, and a good troubleshooting guide."

Six quick Marketing troubleshooting tips (or why marketing is like baking bread)

Marketing a small business is a bit like making bread. You add all the right ingredients, do the right steps, and if you know what you’re doing, you end up with great results. But go a little bit wrong along the process – knead it too much, let it rise too long, mess up the ingredients – and you’ll find yourself without much to sink your teeth into. Before you run off sobbing to your desk, let me give you...
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Man typing at computer, with the caption, "If you do one marketing thing today, update your Google My Business listing."

Google My Business listings: the one super simple, free thing many small businesses forget to do

Most small businesses set up a Google My Business listing. You know, that listing at the side of the search results that shows your business logo, some pictures, your address, and a few other things? That’s a Google My Business listing. But unfortunately, a lot of businesses set it up about a part of the way and pretty much forget about it. And that’s a serious mistake. As overlooked as it often is, Google My Business listings are powerful tools...
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The Urban Sherpa Marketing Co. logo

Hello world. We’re Urban Sherpa Marketing Co.

I first truly understood the value of small business to the community when I was running the marketing department at a community bank. We had a lot of smaller privately-owned companies among our customers, and I spent a lot of time with them.  I learned that small businesses hire locally. They take care of their people. They know their customers. They know they have a role to play, and they take that role seriously. They give back. They are the...
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