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A photo of the moon landing, with the caption, "Your landing page may not be as historic as this landing, but it's super important anyway.""

Landing pages: the art and necessary science

The sad truth about landing pages… Most people have done it:  built really cool and well-thought-out search programs (or social media ads), spent hours on keyword research, carefully crafted the perfect ad copy… and then pointed that ad right at the home page of our website. The fact is, when we don’t use a landing page, we’re cutting the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns by a significant percentage. How much? It’s hard to quantify, but I’d hazard a guess that...
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Man typing at computer, with the caption, "If you do one marketing thing today, update your Google My Business listing."

Google My Business listings: the one super simple, free thing many small businesses forget to do

Most small businesses set up a Google My Business listing. You know, that listing at the side of the search results that shows your business logo, some pictures, your address, and a few other things? That’s a Google My Business listing. But unfortunately, a lot of businesses set it up about a part of the way and pretty much forget about it. And that’s a serious mistake. As overlooked as it often is, Google My Business listings are powerful tools...
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A tablet open to Google with the caption, "Search Marketing is the one marketing opportunity where you magically show your ad right when people are searching for your product."

Search marketing (SEM): when (and how) to use it… and when not to

We say it more than anything else: “you need search marketing”. You sell watches online? You need search marketing. You are a kid’s dentist? You need search marketing. Again and again, search marketing (SEM) is the top of the list of Things We Say You Should Do. First, let me quickly go over what search marketing is for those of you new to the term. Search Engine Marketing (specifically Google Ads or Bing Ads) is those ads that show up...
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Scrabble tiles that read "SEO"

SEO: a practical real-world guide

I’m gonna say it. SEO (Search Engine Marketing) isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. “Wait, WHAAAAT?” you gasp! “I thought SEO was a critical piece of my marketing, the most important thing for my website, the be-all, end-all of making sure my business is successful, the Alpha and Omega of my strategy…” Sorry. It’s not. I know what you’ve read. I know what all the marketing “experts” tell you before handing you a proposal to “fix” your site for...
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A blogger putting together a post with the caption, "Content marketing attracts three times the leads for about 62% less cost. Whoa is right."

What the heck is content marketing and why should I care: the small business guide

Hey! If you’re reading this, you’re interested in content marketing, one of the biggest trends in recent marketing history. So give yourself a pat on the back. Yes, content is king. Here are a few stats to support that statement: Content marketing generates about three times the leads that traditional marketing does (including paid search marketing), at about 62% less cost  Small businesses with blogs (i.e. content marketing) get 126% more lead growth than small businesses that don’t.  Websites with...
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