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Small biz marketing tips

A wrapped package, with the caption, "If someone tries to sell you a marketing package, tread cautiously. Many fail to fit your unique marketing needs."

Small Business Marketing Packages: Approach with Caution

We’ve all come across them: the AMAZING marketing package deals. You know what we mean; they promise to get your company/product in front of thousands of potential buyers with one easy package. Sometimes they come with a pretty steep price tag, but they sound like such a sure-fire thing that many of us end up taking the plunge and spending thousands of dollars… or sometimes they seem so inexpensive you’d be stupid not to try it out. But wait. Would...
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A pedestrian wait sign, with the caption, "Waiting is hard. But pulling the plug on a good marketing campaign is worse. Trust us."

How soon is too soon to call time of death on your marketing campaign?

The other day, a client of ours emailed us. He said that since the digital marketing campaign we had set up hadn’t produced any results yet,  perhaps we should start brainstorming different approaches. Now, to be clear. in this case, it was way too early to be asking that question, since the ads had been running a couple of days at most. But we liked seeing that he has the right approach to small business marketing—namely that one should always...
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A photo of the moon landing, with the caption, "Your landing page may not be as historic as this landing, but it's super important anyway.""

Landing pages: the art and necessary science

The sad truth about landing pages… Most people have done it:  built really cool and well-thought-out search programs (or social media ads), spent hours on keyword research, carefully crafted the perfect ad copy… and then pointed that ad right at the home page of our website. The fact is, when we don’t use a landing page, we’re cutting the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns by a significant percentage. How much? It’s hard to quantify, but I’d hazard a guess that...
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Man typing at computer, with the caption, "If you do one marketing thing today, update your Google My Business listing."

Google My Business listings: the one super simple, free thing many small businesses forget to do

Most small businesses set up a Google My Business listing. You know, that listing at the side of the search results that shows your business logo, some pictures, your address, and a few other things? That’s a Google My Business listing. But unfortunately, a lot of businesses set it up about a part of the way and pretty much forget about it. And that’s a serious mistake. As overlooked as it often is, Google My Business listings are powerful tools...
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Scrabble tiles that read "SEO"

SEO: a practical real-world guide

I’m gonna say it. SEO (Search Engine Marketing) isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. “Wait, WHAAAAT?” you gasp! “I thought SEO was a critical piece of my marketing, the most important thing for my website, the be-all, end-all of making sure my business is successful, the Alpha and Omega of my strategy…” Sorry. It’s not. I know what you’ve read. I know what all the marketing “experts” tell you before handing you a proposal to “fix” your site for...
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